Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is an amazing diagnostic tool using muscle pattern testing to detect/interpret changes in your energy and  nervous system, when it is challenged or stressed by different stimuli. AK provides immediate feedback to make sure the correct treatment protocols are used for the best therapeutic effect.

The AK principles use the acupuncture meridians to find strength and weakness in the body, then I use gentle chiropractic techniques to correct weakness to return the body to functions as it's best.

This full diagnostic process takes about 90 minutes - during this the energy meridians will be assessed via muscle testing, nutrition associated with the meridians will be tested and emotional relationship to any injures in the body will be assessed. I don't use any needles just pressure points.

Applied Kinesiology Assessment (90-120mins)

For a full assessment using Applied Kinesiology Seona will use muscle testing to assess the cause of your condition, assessing cranial faults, sacroiliac dysfunction, spinal fixations, nutritional deficits, vertebral disc injuries, TMJ dysfunction and acupuncture meridian disturbances, which is all guided by your current health status and presenting complaint. (Please see the glossary below for definitions of the above terms.)

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Cranial Faults - Misalignments of the cranial bones are called cranial faults. Cranial bones are the bones that form you skull. Cranial faults can cause many symptoms from headaches to backaches or any malfunction of the body. The movement of the Cerebrospinal Fluid has far-reaching effects on our sensory and motor nerves and on your overall neurological function. 

Sacroiliac - the sacrum is the triangluar bone at the base of the spine above the coccyx, it combines with the 2 big pelvic bones the ilia, so the joint lines that are formed between these bones are called the sacroiliac joints. 

Spinal Fixations - a joint misalignment in the spine - a joint that is not in the neutral anatomical position.

Nutritional Deficits - a reduction in adequate nutrition to support a healthy body, for instance a vegetarian is encourages to take Vitamin B12 as a supplement because they are prone to deficiency because the main source of B12 is meat. Someone who wears high factor sun cream and stays out of natural light may get a vitamin D deficiency. 

Vertebral Disc injuries - Injury to the discs between the vertebrae of the spine.

TMJ dysfunction - TemperoMandibular Joint - the joint where the mandible (Jaw) sits in the temporal bone of the skull.

Acupuncture Meridians - Traditional Chinese Medicine Energy lines - Mapped lines with points throughout the body which start at one side of the body and move through the system to the other side. There are points in the body which increase, reduce and help restore balance to the energy systems - each energy line relates to an organ, except the central spinal lines and the triple heater which are more related to the whole system. Bringing blance to the meridians helps the body to reach excellent homeostasis.

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