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  • Chiropractic Initial consultation and 1st treatment takes roughly an hour
  • Seona will assess you using muscle testing (applied kinesiology), look at movement patterns, joint mobility and restrictions, which all provide information on what your injury is and how best to approach the treatment. 
  • She will then present you with a working diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Normally patients require between 4 to 6 treatments for full pain free function. But each programme of treatment is based on the individual and not a set formula, The number of follow up treatments will be appropriate to injury and pain you are suffering with and the acute or chronic (long term) nature of your injury. You may need more or less treatments depending on your nutrition, exercise and compliance with the treatment programme. 


  • Chiropractic Follow-Up Appointments take 30 minutes. 

  • Some patients choose to have preventative treatments, which maintain the structural balance of the body, these are often termed as maintenance and will be booked at relevant periods through the year based on the individual requirements. 

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Latest News

Seona qualified as an Applied Kinesiology this year and is delighted to use this fantastic diagnostic tool to help her with the assessment and treatment of her patients

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool to help the practitioner get a much more specific understanding of the the patient condition/problem. The balance of triad of health (above) is required for optimum health. The chemical part is nutrition and how you nourish yourself, the mental side is your emotions and stress levels and the structural is the physical side, your muscles bones, joints, nerve and fascia..

Using muscle testing the practitioner can use muscle weakness in the body as a map of the structural, emotional and nutritional imbalances that  often cause patients aches and pains. Certain muscles are weak when different nerves, muscles, fascia and organs are not functioning at their optimum. In this way the treatment can be very effective and specific to the patients imbalances. 

Using Applied Kinesiology (AK) Seona can be more specific about the cause of your pains, and problems. Please call for more details. 

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