Why see a chiropractor?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Why see a chiropractor over say another therapist? What is the difference between the way I practice chiropractic and how others might practice and why have I chosen these methods?

Being a physical therapist is a big responsibility, people come to you to get better and feel well again. I trained to be a chiropractor so I can help people out of pain and more than that feel better than they were before their injury. I am almost certain that everyone else who has trained as a physical therapist also studied for the very same reason, they are people who care. So, with that in mind, I think the answer to the question above is more about the therapist than the therapy. If you have confidence and certainty that the person treating you, will and can help you, then I believe you will get better. I think this is the key to choosing who to see to help make you well. You might find a chiropractor or osteopath who does clicking and cracking adjustments and might love it, your body feels great after it. Someone else might feel worried and frightened by this and find it difficult to relax, which might lead to a negative outcome that doesn't resolve the reason they visited that therapist. I think most people will have a 6th sense about who it right for them. Trust your instincts when looking for the right person, get friends or relatives you trust to recommend someone.

Some patients ask me the difference between chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists? I always have the same answer, physiotherapy is very much based on physical movement and restoring normal motor patterns, hence a lot more exercises than physical touch, especially in the NHS setting, where time is limited. Osteopaths and chiropractors start with the same or similar training, except chiropractors are also trained to take x-rays, but both professions can read and analyse MRI's X-rays etc. Once you leave college you have carte blanche to follow up in post graduate studies, in which topics interest you, you may find experts in Chinese medicine, nutrition, kinesology, laser therapy - the lists are endless but it is the journey the therapist takes that shapes him or her into the person. So in conclusion have treatment from someone you are comfortable with, who instills confidence in you and who you believe is the right person for the job.

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